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III International AIDS Conference
120 min debate by an expert panel in Washington, DC with professional audiences in 6 european cities
IV International AIDS Conference
Stockholm, Sweden – 90 min co-production with Swedish TV, Channel 1, broadcast to 10 countries

Why not freedom from Cancer Pain ?
150 min from Paris, France to 75 universities & hospitals in Europe, broadcast in 4 languages, in cooperation with the Cancer unit, World Health Organization (WHO)

VI International AIDS Conference
San Francisco, USA – 120 min in cooperation with PBS network KQED and AMFAR (American Foundation of AIDS Research)

Heart, Health around the World
180 min from London University to 25 university & hospital sites in 19 countries (from Tokyo to Atlanta) in cooperation with WHO and Kellogg´s.
British Telecom, working as a subcontractor to IE, was given a special award by the International Teleconferencing Union, for this production

Fighting the Disease of Lifestyles
150 min from Alma-Ata, Kazachstan to 15 sites in 13 countries (from Boston to Melbourne) in cooperation with the Interhealth programme of WHO

Journée Internationale de la femme (UNESCO)
Featuring leading female african political personalities with an introductory film featuring the actress Whoopy Goldberg

The inauguration of the Scandic Crown Hotel in London, England
60 interactive min between London Docklands and other European Scandic Hotels

Sweden and the Common Market
A 240 min programme – including 90 min of interactivity – from Brussels and Malmö to a number of cities all over Sweden, from where local audiences interacted with EU commissioners

Meet the new government of Russia
A 60 min live event featuring six russian government members and leading western industrialists

Informative interactive programmes by EU Commissioners with European Universities
- Margot Wallström, when EU Commissioner of the environment, was linked from Brussels to student audiences in five european universities to discuss EU environmental policies.
- Alexandra Diamantoupoulou, EU Commissioner, discussed with student groups in Athens – Göteborg – Prague

´20 in 2000´
- a 90-minute, televised event (Swedish TV l) featuring 20 youth from various countries globally exchanging views on the effects on their respective cultural heritage by international television. The event was produced by IE at the Modern Museum in Stockholm and had as special guests, among others, the President of Iceland Vigdis Finnbogadottir and the Minister of Culture of Bhutan


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